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Concerns over trapped water, in gutters that are hard to reach, can be overwhelming and worrisome. Blocked gutters can cause over-flow problems for you and your neighbours. And could cause structural problems to your property. However, JN Property Services can resolve this issue for you quickly, with maximum safety and efficiency. We carry out all work from the ground. Professionally, swiftly and worry free. 

Gutter Clearing

Utilising a high powered, twin motor vacuum with up to four storey reach. Any blockages and debris can be removed from your gutters, swiftly and efficiently, all from the safety of the ground. 

The mounted camera sends a live feed to the operator to ensure gutters are left completely clean. Providing you with the assurance that the work has been carried out effectively and to the highest standards, without the risks involved in climbing to any dangerous heights. 

External Window Cleaning

We use pure water for a spotless finish. The water we use has been filtered to remove all minerals and impurities so it dries clear with no marks or drips. When you request exterior window cleans, we include the frames, glass and doors. 

We carry out all window cleaning from the safety of the ground. Ensuring a high standard clean, with peace of mind.

Gutter, Fascia and Soffit cleaning

Using water fed poles, we can clean the outside PVC of the gutter, fascia and soffits, all from the safety of the ground. 

Affording your property the luxury of looking it's best and ensuring longevity, with peace of mind and no worries. 

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is essential to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels. Over time, natural debris builds up on the surface of the panels and can significantly reduce their efficiency. Costing you more in the long run. 

We use our pure water fed poles to ensure a sparkling finish, all from the safety of the ground. With a high reach and specialist equipment, we can ensure that you get the most out of your solar panels, safely, effectively and efficiently.